About NYT

NYT was founded in 1988 with a goal to leverage automatic identification technology in combination with the personal computer to assist our customers in their efforts to manage organizational property resources. Since that time we’ve been providing professional IT and logistics services and support to businesses, schools and government organizations. Our core strengths include:

  • Accountable personal property management expertise and services
  • Physical inventory management expertise and services
  • Auto ID (Barcode/RFID) expertise and integration services
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Software Development services (all phases) and ongoing support
  • Office 365

We attribute our success as a business to our focus on helping our clients meet or exceed their business objectives leveraging our proven experience, skillsets and expertise as cost effectively as we can.

We’ve developed numerous COTS and custom software application and utilities supporting a variety of needs, some of which include: asset management, mobile data collection, biometric verification, access control, document management, workflow, warehouse management, visitor tracking, RFID/Barcode and document image scanning.


  1. Excellent Service

    We believe Success comes with proven ongoing, reliable service so we only pursue business if we truly believe we can meet or exceed customer expectations

  2. Integrity is Key

    Integrity will not be compromised. We believe that honesty and trust are the foundations required to establish any long term healthy and successful relationships

  3. Efficiency and Effectiveness

    We regularly collaborate internally and with our clients to best ensure we are utilizing the safest, fastest, and most reliable service methods available within our given constraints. We strive to always provide superior value

  4. Employees

    We believe in our employees and understand they are our most valuable resource. We have low employee turnover and emphasize continued growth of key employees through higher education, specialty courses/seminars and self-improvement material

  5. Go the Extra Mile

    We adhere to a very high level of customer service and will do whatever is required to ensure the best job we can and that any problems or issues related to our services are addressed as rapidly as possible. We love to provide references

  6. We Exist to Help

    Even if we don’t have the answer or service you are looking for. In such cases, we will often reach out to a partner who can help or we will do some investigative research to identify new options for consideration


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Lockheed Martin
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
National Institute of Health