Accountable Personal Property Services

Property (other than real property) which is acquired for use by an organization is commonly referred to as personal property and includes items such as IT and other office equipment utilized in the performance of the daily operations. Whether in the private or government sector, organizations have a responsibility to manage such property with a goal to assure its appropriate use and that the maximum benefit is derived from those resources. This is normally done with a focus on those items of personal property which are nonexpendable and which meet the organizational criteria to be classified as accountable by virtue of cost and/or sensitivity. This is Accountable Personal Property.

Accountable Personal Property is managed throughout its life cycle to ensure a complete audit trail from Acquisition and Receiving throughout Utilization until Disposal. Success requires policies and procedures which define the property management roles and responsibilities of organization personnel together with clear guidelines defining required actions in each phase of the cycle. Accurate and responsive records are a key component leveraging automation to track property and related actions as well as to provide needed information.

As a result of over 15 years of continuous and ongoing support to our government and commercial clients, NYT has developed significant Accountable Personal Property management expertise from the point of receipt throughout the utilization phase and culminating with the proper disposal of such property. Working closely with our customers, NYT provides assistance to develop and/or refine sound property management policies and practices as well as staffing to execute the property management process when called upon.

Key areas of expertise and the support provided are:

As stated above, NYT provides supports our clients throughout the Accountable Personal Property Life Cycle from receipt through disposal.

Receiving (New Purchase and/or Transfer)

Utilization (Control/Tracking)