Company History

Since 1992, New Year Tech, Inc. has been a trusted partner to government clients, providing effortless, state-of-the-art asset management solutions. Inspired by the Asian philosophy that everything starts fresh in the new year, the family-owned business began when our founder, Soy Chu, discovered a novel way to help companies better manage and control physical inventory and other assets. We introduced automatic identification capabilities that have become the gold standard in the industry for their simplicity and ability to save business and government time and money.

New Year Tech Inc.’s powerful and agile software tools are backed by an executive team offering a bulwark of more than 100 years of government and business asset management leadership experience. Our company seeks to change our partners’ experience for the better through an attitude of conscientiousness and painstaking technological innovation—leading to highly attentive, round-the-clock services that provide early intervention of problems. We know our products and services must lead the way in an ever-evolving technology industry.

New Year Tech, Inc. specializes in asset management, mobile data collection, biometric verification, access control, document management, workflow, warehouse management, visitor tracking, RFID/Barcode and document image scanning.

As a company, we must do more than help government and business partners manage their physical and data resources. Our products and services must instill confidence and trust in our abilities and leave our clients with a feeling of deep satisfaction and a guarantee of a job well done.


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Lockheed Martin
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
National Institute of Health