Office 365 Services


A smooth and successful deployment is important to minimize downtime and interruption to your employees. Our deployment service approach follows the following three steps:

Step One – Determine the scope of the deployment Plan

  1. We identify the user base and Office 365 plan type for each user
  2. We review the PC configurations for your user base.
  3. We review the existing email environment if one exists.
  4. We review related server hardware and identify potential network/firewall issues.
  5. We identify and document email and data migration requirements

Step Two – Create the Deployment Plan
Using the information captured during analysis, NYT creates a deployment plan that covers the entire deployment process. Typical deployment plans will include elements like:

  1. Required updates to internal environment (e.g. - PC upgrades, Server configurations, network configuration, firewall setting updates)
  2. Plan for migration of user mailboxes
  3. Plan for migration of data
  4. Setup and configuration of User computers
  5. Preparation for setup of directory Synchronization

Our deployment plan will outline all the steps to be performed as part of the deployment plan along with estimated timelines.

Step Three – Implementation (Follow the Deployment Plan)
We then work with you to determine the best timeframe in which to implement the deployment plan.

** Deployment service plans are custom priced based on a number of factors. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like a quote.

Email Migration

Email is critical to businesses today. The amount of business knowledge locked in email mailboxes along with the corresponding regulatory and governance requirements mean no business can afford to be without it.

We understand that migrating from your existing email solution to Office 365 represents a real risk to your organization in terms of lost productivity and potential data loss.

We provide a comprehensive pre- and post-migration communications plan for managers, IT staff and end-users and we can migrate from these environments to Office 365:

  • On-premises: Exchange, Lotus, Domino, Groupwise, Generic PoP/IMAP
  • Hosted Solutions: Premium Hosted Exchange, ISP (POP/IMAP), Hotmail, Gmail.


Office 365 is a comprehensive service offering with a variety of products and features. Each organization has different goals and reasons why they’ve chosen to purchase Office 365. Lack of proper user training frequently results in low adoption of beneficial features that accompany Office 365, ultimately yielding users that use Office 365 only for the desktop Office applications.

NYT can work with you to create and price out a custom training plan that will best ensure successful adoption and use of Office 365 right out of the gate. Typical areas covered by our training plans include:

  1. Administrator Training
    1. Train one or more end users how to administrate your Office 365 users.
    2. Train one or more end users how to deploy Office 365 to user computers.
  2. End User Training – Our end user training can be customized to focus only on those areas that align with your primary goals. This helps to not only ensure your users know how to use Office 365, but also why along with tailored guidance to ensure it is being used in a way that ensures corporate goals are being addressed. Typical User Training includes:
    1. OneDrive for Business - What is it? How does it work? How should they be using it (This can change depending on business goals)?
    2. Lync – What is it? What will they be using it for? How do they use it?
    3. Office Web Apps – What is it? How does it work? When would they use it?
    4. Office on Demand - What is it? How does it work? When would they use it?
    5. SharePoint Team Site Introduction – What is a SharePoint team site? What are some of its primary features? How do they use the Team Site features? How do these features benefit the organization?